10SETx allows users to exchange 10set tokens that are locked on the Infinity platform for 10SETx, a token that can be used on our Marketplace to buy NFTs or bid on TGLP auctions!

Tenset X




You can get 10SETx by exchanging your locks in My Locks tab.

If you are missing a few 10SETx to purchase an NFT, you can additionally burn any amount of 10SET tokens from your wallet to top up your 10SETx balance in our marketplace platform!

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What is 10SETx?

  • For each locked 10SET that is burned, one 10SETx is minted for the deposit owner
  • 10SETx has the same value as 10SET when making purchases on Tenset Marketplace
  • 10SETx cannot be used outside Tenset Marketplace
  • 10SETx can only be spent on NFTs offered in 10SETx
  • Missing a few 10SETx to buy NFTs? You can burn any amount of 10SET on our Marketplace to top up your 10SETx balance